KW Suspension

Variant 1
Fast Road Use
Variant 2
Fast Road-Sport Adjustable
Variant 3
Ultimate Road/Trackday Use


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KW Variant 1 - Adjustable height with fixed damping rates.
KW Variant 2 - Adjustable height with adjustable rebound rates.
KW Variant 3 - Adjustable height with adjustable bump and rebound rates.
Club Sport - Oriented towards serious track use.
Competition/Motorsport - For competition and motorsport use only.
KW Spare Parts

If you are unsure about what you need here is an explanation of the KW suspension systems.

cobra KW Suspension is manufactured to the highest standards of German automotive engineering. During the manufacturing of KW Coilover suspensions, the highest quality materials are used to produce individual suspension solutions that enable customers to adjust vehicle height according to their wishes and needs. Within the TÜV-tested adjustment parameters, this can be easily achieved using the purple-colored aluminium spring collars by adjusting the position of the yellow coated springs upwards or downwards via a specially designed exterior thread. In doing so, the vehicle height can be precisely adjusted, and customers receive the exact result they want and/or need. The stainless steel strut housings are fitted for the specific vehicle type, and are available in three different damping technologies. With this variety, KW coilover suspension kits in Variants 1, 2 and 3 can meet the exact requirements of every customer.

clay hillThe complete systems including high-quality yellow springs, purple aluminium components and Elastomer bump stops with integrated dust protection system, provide a unique comprehensive solution for a personalized vehicle suspension system that meets all performance and quality demands. The car shown here is a 1993 Porsche 968 Coupe with KW Variant 3 suspension. Shown here cresting Hill Top at Oulton Park. The car is also seen at many Porsche events and is usually highly placed when competing on presentation, so the new suspension had to be able to maintain a high standard of finish even in daily use or track conditions throughout the year as well as being durable and give the best performance possible. Only KW Inox suspension could fulfill these requirements.

Today KW is recognised as a European market leader for high class coilover systems. in one of the worlds toughest markets for performance products, KW is setting new benchmarks with its innovations and commitment to quality. KW's over 16000sq.m. German headquarters employs more than 120 key staff. These employees work within this unique and ultra modern facility to produce and ship more than 60,000 kits annually to customers all around the world... quite a step up from the 50 kits forecast for its inaugural 1995 season. in just seven short years, KW Automotive GmbH has risen through the ranks to become a proven leader in suspension systems throughout international motorsports as a respected partner to the sport. KW's ever expanding damper technologies have offered winning solutions to hundreds of race teams. whether competing in rally racing, oval track or touring car series, the worlds top competitors rely on KW for true handling advantages. The comprehensive KW product range gives teams the flexibility to tailor our technology to perfectly suit their individual needs.

Porsche 996 fitted with KW Variant 3 suspension breaks Nurburgring lap record.

KW Suspension made the changeover of its complete production of its Coilovers to the new reference standard 'Inox Line' in stainless steel. The first kits rolled out of assembly in late 2000, and it was clear that this was truly a milestone event. Even with the known corrosion resistance characteristics of the new housings, not even the experts could have predicted the extreme results that would come of the harsh testing to come.

The Inox Line KW struts after 480hrs in a salt spray. It shows the extreme quality standards that are applied to the manufacture of this market leading product. Nothing else is able to match it.


Full 480hr Salt Spray Test

Suspension Explained