KW Suspension Parts

For spare parts, replacement parts or repairs for an existing kit, we will need to know:
the vehicle make and model
the type of kit you have, Variant 1, 2, 3, Club Sport or racing setup.

Just as importantly we need to know the 'Art' number which can be found on either your original paperwork or on a silver sticker on the suspension strut.

This is what a typical sticker would look like.
The ART number is the center one eg. 153 26 100.
This helps us identify what the strut is and so helps us to identify the correct spare part or repair procedure for you.

KW strut sticker

We regret that it is very difficult to help without this information as we can't be sure of supplying you with the correct part if we don't have this information.

Any purchase of parts without this information being supplied would be at the risk of the customer.

Once you have this information please send it to us using the Comments box below.

Don't forget to tell us exactly what it is you need, spring perches, springs(main or helper), C Spanner, etc.

This is the information that we need, unfortunately there are no short cuts.

  • Car make
  • Model
  • Year
  • Engine size
  • Full 8 digit ART number from the strut
  • FKLZ code - 3 letters and three numbers from the strut

If you cannot get it off the exact strut you can take it from another strut but they have to be clear that you want spares for either front or rear.
It's the only way to get it right and if necessary we will require pictures.

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Don't Forget:

Make, Model, Year of car as well as the information from the strut.