Customer Comments.

Morning Vicki…

Thanks for your help finding the spring I needed! It was the right one and arrived the next day! Now on the car. Thanks again and a happy Christmas to you! :o)

James. - 22nd December 2014

Hi Vicky,

Thanks for a great service.

Patrick - 17th Apr 2012

Hi Vicky,

Thanks for your help.
Customer service and support is something the UK is not very good at these days, especially once people/companies have your money, so I always respect and acknowledge when I do get a good service! Thank you, it is appreciated!

Kind regards,

Trevor - 3rd June 2011

I would just like to thank you for the help and effort you put into getting my suspension to me!

It arrived today!!!!!!!!

Outstanding customer service

Thank you

P Nicholls - 29 March 2012